Discussions are team-based messages used to quickly relay information on a certain subject which can help focus in on a team's needs.

Follow the steps below to start a new discussion.

  • Step 1 - Select the team you would like to create a discussion for. This can be done most easily using the Team Selector.

  • Step 2 - Navigate to the Discussions model.

  • Step 3 - Click 'START A NEW DISCUSSION' at the top right of the Discussions module.

    This will open the Discussion Menu.

  • Step 4 - Enter in the name of the discussion on the 'Subject' line. This will be the title of the discussion post and could be a brief synopsis of what the discussion will be about.

    Next, enter your initial message to kick off the discussion in the text area.

  • Step 5 - Choose to 'START' or 'START & INVITE'. By choosing to 'START', the discussion will be immediately created and only visible to yourself. Choosing 'START & INVITE' will open the Share Menu. From this menu, you can specify which Team Members can view and partake in the discussion.