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Safe Spaces Bot Notifications

The Safe Spaces Bot drives notifications to your Teams instance so you can receive alerts on critical, time-sensitive tasks. Both for the Personal Tab and for the Channels where Safe Spaces is installed, you will receive a welcome message along with continued updates about your different Spaces.

Safe Spaces Bot for Individual Updates

The Safe Spaces Bot for Individual Updates will send alerts to your Personal Tab in Microsoft Teams when:

  • When you have been added to a new discussion in Safe Spaces

  • New comments are added to an existing discussion in Safe Spaces

When a new comment is posted by a user in Safe Spaces, you will see this notification appear in the Personal Tab

You will receive a feed for all notifications by the Safes Spaces Bot for Individual Updates in this one location.

Safe Spaces Bot for Channels

The Safe Spaces Bot for Channels will send notifications when:

  • New Documents are uploaded and shared with the Team by external members

  • External collaborators are invited to the Team and when they accept their invitation

Within the Channel, you will receive a chronological timeline of when new documents are uploaded and shared, or when new Team Members accept their invitations.

Clicking the ‘Open in Vault’ button will take you directly to the document that has been uploaded or shared with you in Safe Spaces.

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