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FAQ and Important Information

How do I change my Account Information?

Contact eCare Vault Client Support to request a change of your Information. In the near future your account information will stay up-to-date with your Microsoft account information post-signup.

How do I change my Vault Key?

To change your Vault Key:

  • From an unlocked Safe Spaces tab, click the ‘Lock' button found in the upper-left corner of the application and follow the next step.

  • From a locked Safe Spaces tab click ‘Forgot Vault Key?’, which will initiate the Reset Vault Key process via Bot Notification

Can I use Safe Spaces on the Teams Mobile App?

Currently, Safe Spaces is only available on the Desktop version of Microsoft Teams. Stay tuned for changes in the near future for our mobile experience!

How Do I Remove a Member from my team?

Please contact eCare Vault Customer Support to remove team members from Safe Spaces. Capability to remove team members will be available in the near future. 

What happens when a member leaves a Team?

Once a member leaves a Team, they will not have access to any new documents, forms or discussions. They will however still have access to any materials shared before they left.

How long does an invite to join a team last?

An invite will stay ‘live’ for 30 days. After that, the person invited can always create an eCare Vault account, but will not have access to the Team unless they are invited again.

Can I share documents with team members that have been invited but have not yet accepted the invitation?

Yes! Anyone that has been invited to the team or is currently on the team will appear on the list for sharing documents. The document you shared with them will be waiting for them when they accept the invitation and log in.

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